For schools and pre-schools

The ALSANIT product range allows project owners to create safe, hygienic and aesthetic toilet spaces in schools and pre-schools. The advantages of using our solutions will be appreciated especially by the youngest users of school and pre-school rooms. We offer comprehensive equipment for schools and pre-schools, with the convenience of having all the equipment delivered by a single company, without intermediaries. Our products include specially designed school lockers and washroom cubicle systems in many material versions. In addition, we provide school washrooms with vanities, urinal partitions and shower cubicles.

An interesting complement to the product range are the maintenance and cleaning products for the ALSANIT products we sell. We especially recommend our A2 product, which removes permanent marks and graffiti.

Our products intended for schools are designed with maximum durability and guaranteed user safety. We have developed and patented the SAFE FINGERS system, which is used both in washroom cubicles and clothing lockers. This is a unique solution that prevents fingers being pinched between the door leaf and hinge. It is the only solution of this type available on the market.

ALSANIT school lockers are some of the most popular products in our product range. They are characterised by their modular design and enable any configuration. We help our customers in interior design and offer custom graphics applicable to school changing rooms. This is an inexpensive solution that can make interiors more pleasant and inspiring. We have several types of locks for clothing lockers, including the increasingly popular electronic locks, both code and RFID types, compatible with the school student cards.

If you are interested, please review the following products and feel free to contact us for a quotation. Our experts are always happy to advise on the selection of the most advantageous school and pre-school designs and equipment.

Washroom cubicles for schools

Equipment of school toilets Toilet cubicles for schools form ergonomic and economical built-ins, designed for all users, younger and older. We focus on a wide range of functional and durable washroom cubicles, used by dozens or hundreds of children every day at school. The systems must be resistant to all kinds of...

Toilet cubicles for pre-schools

Washrooms at the pre-school For many years toilet cubicles for pre-schools operated without special attention by the manufacturers. ALSANIT listened to its customers and addressed their expectations. We developed the SAFE FINGERS system for children, which has the hinges concealed within round profiles to protect...

School lockers

Many companies advertise school lockers by praising their products, but what should you consider and which school lockers should you chose? For many the basic criterion is the price, but everyone knows the cheapest is not necessarily the best. So where is the best place to buy school lockers? School lockers for...

Pre-school lockers

Lockers for pre-schools must be adjusted to the youngest users and ensure their full safety. Our product range includes nursery school furniture that serves both of these purposes, while being the perfect fitting happy interiors. Nursery school lockers can store outwear, footwear, clothes to change into and, if...


The VELA line offers affordable lockers made of metal with the option to choose metal, HPL, or LPW doors. These are versatile furniture pieces designed for safe storage of belongings in schools, workplaces, or sports facilities.

System available for plates

GALVANIZED STEEL 0,7 mm 0,7 mm 0,7 mm
HPL    -    - 10 mm
MFC    -    - 18 mm


Light I-shaped HPL system walls

Light HPL walls are simple designs of shower partitions. They are characterised by high durability and easily maintained cleanliness.

System available for plates


HPL vanities

Vanities are necessary in every washroom featuring wash basins. All vanities are made of HPL board designed for this use.

System available for plates


Wall changing cubicles

Comfortable solutions.

System available for plates

18mm 10mm
28mm 12mm
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