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We have full understanding of washroom cubicle products and we know how to meet the expectations of every customer.

The product range of our company includes toilet cubicles made of durable and damage-resistant materials: melamine faced chipboard (MFC board), high pressure laminate (HPL), sandwich boards and high-quality aluminium or steel fittings. Toilet system walls meet the requirements of the Construction Law, while providing the users with full comfort and privacy during their use of the public toilet.

Based on our many years of experience we have divided washroom cubicles and toilet cubicles into systems according to the type of fittings and intended use of the cubicles. It is up to the customer to choose between toilet partition walls made of HPL, MFC or another material. Furthermore, all fittings in our product range are designed by ALSANIT and manufactured at our factory.

In connection with our extensive range of materials and experience, ALSANIT toilet cubicles have been delivered to many thousands of facilities, such as: schools, hotels, offices, sports facilities and workplaces.

Manufacture of washroom cubicles based on the highest standards

Our system walls are CE-certified, thus approved for use in the construction industry throughout the European Union. The deliveries of all washroom cubicle systems are made without trans-shipping, door-to-door, and during transport the products are properly secured and marked to prevent damage.

The washroom cubicle will have the required dimensions, meet the project requirements and be adjusted both to project owner’s expectations and the user’s needs. We select the best and proven solutions that meet both national and international requirements. Toilet cubicles are always custom-made for a perfect fit with room dimensions. Toilet partition walls can be delivered in a version for installation by the customer based on the instructions supplied by ALSANIT or forinstallation by an authorised installation team, operating in every region of the country.

Regardless of the selected version, all ALSANIT toilet cubicles are characterised by precision manufacture and high quality at competitive prices.


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SOLARI washroom cubicles combine durability, the aesthetics of aluminium-polyamide fittings and the best pricing. Due to the comprehensive application opportunities, this is the most purchased toilet cubicle system, suitable for MFC, HPL and SANDWICH boards. The system walls are characterised by a minimalistic appearance, high-quality workmanship and a wide range of colours for the cubicles.

System available for plates

18mm 10mm 36mm
28mm 12mm 40mm


PERSEI toilet cubicles with fitting designed and manufactured by ALSANIT are distinguished above all by their prestigious appearance. The exceptional appearance of the brushed stainless steel is the essential feature of PERSEI washroom cubicles. In addition, they are distinguished by the interesting finish of the wall components, a wide range of colours and the option to make built-ins for the full height of the room.

System available for plates

18mm 10mm 36mm
28mm 12mm 40mm


Innovation in the washroom cubicles market is possible, which is proved by AQUARI toilet cubicles with the safe fingers system and classic elegant style based on simple lines. The unique features of the product include aluminium fittings, maintenance-free use and anti-vandal solutions.

System available for plates

18mm 10mm       -
   - 12mm       -


The system is designed to make toilet cubicles look light and subtle. LIFT involves system walls that generate the impression of suspended toilet cubicles. This is a perfect solution for room with non-standard character. However, the satisfaction of the property owners is influenced not only by the unique design, but also the quality of workmanship and the option to apply graphics on the walls.

System available for plates

   - 10mm 36mm
28mm 12mm 40mm

Cowboy doors

State-of-the-art washroom cubicle system for the youngest users - Cowboy doors. With the patented safe fingers system, there is no risk of pinching the fingers of vulnerable children’s hands between the door leaf and the door frame. This is a perfect solution for pre-schools, schools and other establishments for children.


System available for plates

18mm 10mm       -
   - 12mm       -

High columns

Innovative solution on the washroom cubicles market, that is the SAFE FINGERS system, is also available for the high column cubicle version. Low system doors are fitted to columns, which provides a broad range of arrangement options, while guaranteeing the robustness and safety of the entire structure. Washroom cubicle doors can be ordered in vivid colours that appeal above all to the youngest children.

System available for plates

18mm 10mm       -
   - 12mm       -

Urinal partitions

Urinal partitions are a perfect supplementary product for all men’s toilets. Our urinal partitions are made in the wall-suspended version. In the HPL partition version, the corners are rounded, while in the chipboard version the partitions have corners bevelled at an angle of 90 degrees.

System available for plates

18mm 10mm     -
28mm 12mm     -

The standards and requirements oblige the design and manufacture of partition systems considering their destination and applicable regulations (toilet cubicles for schools, pre-schools, workplaces, sports facilities etc.). At ALSANIT we meet the needs and requirements of the customer for the given washroom and toilet area, while in designing washroom cubicles we observe the legal restrictions so they are compliant with the standards, are of practical use and also have the required appearance.

Which material is the best for washroom cubicles?

Washroom cubicles designed by ALSANIT are made of durable materials that are in addition resistant to mechanical damage, easy to clean and resistant to discolouration.

At ALSANIT we make toilet cubicles using various materials, such as: HPL boards, MFC boards, sandwich boards and even glass.

  • HPL - system walls made of high pressure laminate or HPL are highly resistant because they are made of resin-soaked cellulose fibres. The entirety is formed under very high pressure, which provides HPL washroom cubicles with very high resistance to mechanical damage and moisture. In addition, toilet cubicles of HPL boards use the SANITISED technology, which blocks bacterial and microbial proliferation.
  • MFC - melamine faced chipboard is made of scrap wood and formed at high temperature and pressure using binding agents, so it is durable. MFC for washroom cubicles is melamine-coated, so that system walls and doors are available in a very wide range of patterns. Due to the common availability of the boards, washroom cubicles made of MFC enable the creation of very elegant yet inexpensive interior designs.
  • Sandwich – sandwich-design boards consist of different layers. We provide two types of sandwich board. The first type has a surface layer of 4 mm HPL board and a core of polyurethane foam, while the structure is made of aluminium profiles — this solution is very durable and fully waterproof. The second type consists of a surface layer of 0.8 mm thin HPL laminate, a chipboard core and edges of solid beech — this solution is very prestigious and visually appealing. Both types have a practically unseen structure, as the concealed profiles can form a shadow joint.
  • Glass – moreover, we also make cubicles of two-layered tempered glass, which can be created in any RAL colour during the lamination process. Glass cubicles are waterproof and ensure high quality.

In the manufacture of toilet cubicles, ALSANIT not only observes the Construction Law and Regulations of the Minister of Infrastructure, but also the appearance of the cubicles that match the destination. In addition, we care for the finish and general functionality, so we use steel or aluminium fittings that are manufactured at our factory. The height of the toilet rooms ensures full comfort and privacy during the use of the washroom.

Dimensions of toilet cubicles

Public toilets for schools, pre-schools, other educational and cultural establishments, sports facilities, gyms, hotels, offices, medical centres, shopping centres or companies must be compliant with specific requirements. They are broadly described in the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 12 April 2002 on the technical conditions which must be fulfilled by buildings and their location. We work based on this regulation and our many years of experience to design washroom cubicles that are compliant with specific restrictions, but also suitable for the destination in terms of appearance. The customer may, however, customise the design and modify the dimensions.

Cubicles are custom-made according to the room dimensions, placement and intended use (different cubicles for pre-schools and medical establishments).

For this reason, we have divided the systems we offer according to washroom cubicle type — also in terms of their intended use. Our designs are based not only on the Regulation of the Minister or other OHS regulations. Our systems are approved and CE-certified, so our toilet cubicles can be used throughout the European Union.

ALSANIT washroom cubicle systems

ALSANIT provides several primary toilet cubicle built-in systems that differ primarily by the fittings and intended use. ALSANIT manufactures washroom cubicles in the following systems:

  • SWING,

In many systems, we can make cubicles the full height of the room — this is the ALTUS system and includes floor to ceiling toilet cubicles.

Another version are LIFT cubicles that generate a suspended cubicle effect. This effect is obtained by giving the cubicle a recessed foot and beam bracing recessed into the built-in. With cubicles made of 28 mm or more thick boards, a shadow joint can be obtained, by concealing a C-profile in the board.

Measurement of toilet cubicles before manufacture

Before the beginning manufacture, it is first necessary to visit the site in order to enable determine the precise dimensions required for the toilet partition walls.

Measurements can be made by the ALSANIT team, although usually they are done by the customer. It is important that the measurements are made after the completion of all finishing works.

Please remember that, pursuant to the Regulation of the Minister, cubicles in public toilets should have a minimum length of 1.5 metres and width of 1 metre, while in public utility buildings at least one washroom cubicle should be adjusted to the needs of people with disabilities.

Installation of toilet cubicles

Toilet cubicles can be installed by ALSANIT or by the customer based on the supplied installation instructions. Our instructions provide step-by-step guidance to ensure effective installation. However, ALSANIT also has installation teams in every voivodeship, so we can provide comprehensive service, including the manufacture, delivery and installation of washroom cubicles at the destination.

ALSANIT builds relationships over the years

With many years of experience, specialist knowledge and hundreds of completed projects, we know what components to use in a given washroom and toilet area already at the design and measuring stage. For this reason, we provide support to our customers, for whom we provide the best possible and most effective solutions. The toilet cubicles we manufacture are durable as well as resistant to moisture and mechanical damage. They meet the sanitary standards, while the walls are elegant and practical to maintain every day.

Contact us, and choose the best washroom cubicles for your project.

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