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Washroom cubicles High columns

The cubicles designed for pre-schools must be encouraging, functional, easy to use, and safe. Based on the potential of our AQUARI system, we create pre-school cubicles with the patented SAFE FINGERS system to protect the pupils from injury.

The option to design the shape of doors and high columns enables the creation of an interesting and friendly toilet.

High column pre-school cubicles are made of boards in vivid, happy colours. The cubicle doors use specially designed hinges to make them self-closing. The closing force is very low, so the child is not exposed to impact, unlike with spring hinges. Locks are replaced with pulls that prevent bolting the door from the inside, and the door is lowered to a height that secures the child’s privacy, while enabling the guardians to look inside the cubicle. The above-door cubicle coping makes the structure stiff and durable.

ALSANIT cubicles for pre-schools are high-quality solutions that are appreciated accord the EU.

height: 1500/2030mm
floor clearance: 170mm
depth: min. 1150mm

* the standard dimensions can be modified according to needs

Fittings of the HIGH COLUMN AQUARI system are designed and manufactured by ALSANIT.

the patented SAFE FINGERS solution, available exclusively at ALSANIT,
• light design,
• aesthetic workmanship and many colour versions available,
• advantageous price,
• optional handles and rosettes,
• option to design door shape, veneer or apply graphics,


HPL boards are made with SANITISED technology have anti-bacterial properties.


System available for plates

18mm 10mm       -
   - 12mm       -
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