Clothing lockers URSA

URSA lockers are about simple elegance inclined towards the Scandinavian style. These very popular chipboard lockers are suitable for use from offices to sports facilities.

The colour configuration of lockers for changing rooms is very rich. Chipboard is available in nearly all RAL colours and in addition they can have natural textures and patterns, such as stone or wood.

Board edges are veneered with ABS tape, which enables interesting combinations, as the board and veneer can have different colours. This solution enables interesting arrangements at relatively low prices, which is essential when investing in the first facility.

In changing room lockers, the number of vertical and horizontal compartments and equipment can be configured to meet the requirements of the customers.

Fitness clubs, recreation facilities and offices do not tend to have high air humidity. Thus more economical solutions can be used for the changing room lockers. For these interiors, we provide lockers made of melamine faced chipboard (MFC) with a thickness of 18 mm.

MFC lockers are even irreplaceable in these facilities.

body height: 1800/1500mm
vertical width:  300/400mm
depth:  490mm

Standard dimensions can be modified as required by the customer.

The body height must be increased by the feet/base height of 100 mm or bench height of 400 mm.

The following are the possible versions of feet or benches.
Bez tytułu

The lockers are shipped assembled with the feet/bases/benches and locks to be fitted by the customer

  • economical and durable,
  • hinges not visible from the outside with the soft close function,
  • extensive range of patterns and MFC board textures,
  • fronts available in HIGH GLOSS,
  • good price,
  • custom-made without additional charge.

System available for plates

MFC 18mm 18mm 18mm
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