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ALSANIT, we create space

We manufacture products and provide equipment for facilities. We specialise in toilet spaces. Our operating strategy includes continuous development directed by the requirements of the customer. We adjust the systems developed to the needs of the user. We examine, test and check. Our company is a team of creative and open people, fascinated by their work. We create space for effective partnership with customers.

Our values:

• competences – we serve our customers based on our knowledge and experience acquired by completing a broad range of projects, and we know how to help our customers.

• creative thought – expressed primarily in our individual approach to every customer. Our objective is to answer every question in the best possible manner. Creative thought is the basis for creating new series of products and accessories.

• orders – at ALSANIT, high service standards and optimal organisation of the manufacturing process constitute the standard necessary to remain in a market that requires timeliness and efficiency in order processing.

• partnership – we rely on this, both internally between employees and externally with our suppliers and customers. We make sure that customers are supported from the first contact to the installation of the final product. We appreciate our regular customers by offering partner programmes to them.

• reliability – understood as timeliness, high quality of delivered products and very good relationships with customers, it is our essential value that we pursue through our orders and partnerships. Reliability guarantees the satisfaction of customers, both in terms of products and services.

Who recommends us

GREEN CORNER SKANSKA: “We selected the contractor based on their advantageous quotation. The products were manufactured and installed in a timely and proper manner.”

Wojciech Sokalski
Works Manager SKANSKA

ALEJA Bielany Shopping Centre: “Based on the experience gathered as part of the project, we can recommend the company to other contractors and project owners that complete similar project.”

Artur Szarwiło
Technical Director, South Branch STRABAG


"I recommend the ALSANIT company as reliable, reliable, fully prepared to perform the commissioned works. ."

Bogdan Stanek
Chairman of the Board AQUAZDRÓJ

VOLKSWAGEN FACTORY: “Despite high time pressure, the works were completed in a timely and proper manner. ALSANIT is a business partner worth recommending.”

Bogusław Rudziński
President of the Management Board BPBP

FALCON ARENA: “ALSANIT is a credible and ready partner with extensive experience in the construction industry, qualified staff and the technical and human potential required to complete the entrusted tasks. All works were performed efficiently and with utmost care.”

Lukas Radivilavicus

SERVICE CENTRE OF THE CHANCELLERY OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF POLAND: “The service behind the sale and delivery of lockers was performed in a solid and timely manner, with due diligence and engagement.”

Krzysztof Wojdak
Director of the Service Centre of the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland

BIAŁYSTOK UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY: “In our opinion, ALSANIT displays professionalism as a credible partner that deserves recommendation and provides a high level of products and service.”

Mariusz Szymański
Projects CoordinatorW.AWRUK

Research and development


For over a decade we have been operating in the industry of built-up toilet surface systems. By completing varied orders for our customers, we continue to realise the importance of continuous technological development. To ensure high quality of the completed systems, we rely on our own solutions:

- we manufacture an extensive range of cubicle fittings,
- the aluminium profiles we design are pressed using our own dies.

We were the first company in Poland to start the manufacture of cubicles of laminated boards with a thickness of 18 mm. The application of an innovative approach and framing of every edge with a special profile enabled us to create a product that is incredibly durable and available at an advantageous price.

With our own warehouse, we have the most extensive material and finish range on the market. We develop and improve our products. In continuously monitoring the latest trends, we keep improving the appearance of the details so that our products remain an aesthetic accessory with a perfect finish for any interior.



In considering the design, we remember to ensure the required durability.

On an ongoing basis, we conduct our own quality and strength tests of components, including: hinges, locks and supports. Before we release hinges for use, they must pass testing that involves 200,000 open/close cycles. This number of closing cycles corresponds to at least 5 years of trouble-free use.

With this approach, the warranty for our products becomes a real declaration. Internal testing and quality control is and will always be the standard at our company.


For our products, we hold European Technical Assessment and CE certificate issued by Instytut Techniki Budowlanej and other necessary approvals.

Many solutions, including the SAFE FINGERS system, sets of profiles for the manufacture of lockers and fittings, are covered by patents or utility designs.

Video about us

Video about us


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