Clothing lockers TAURUS

HPL boards are a material for the 21st century, as they are super-durable, resistant to scratches and waterproof.

Lockers fully made of HPL were first used for swimming pools. Today, thanks to their properties, they are commonly used in an increasing range of facilities.

HPL boards are available with patterns and natural textures, such as stone, concrete or wood, which enables the creation of interesting designs.

The TAURUS lockers in our range are all high quality. Clothing lockers are purchased to last years, and lockers made of HPL are characterised by great durability, functionality and elegance. We believe that HPL lockers are the best possible choice.

Our clothing lockers are distinguished by ideal ergonomics and minimalism. The self-supporting body is designed to ensure failure-free use for many years.

The designers at ALSANIT made every effort to make HPL lockers about solution flexibility. TAURUS lockers can be freely configured and adjusted to changing needs.

HPL clothing lockers are widely used at swimming pools, where they are exposed to extreme operating conditions. Both the user turnover and the aggressive environment create extremely adverse conditions for furniture, conditions in which HPL swimming pool lockers excel. This is the best test and confirmation of suitability for any other conditions.

The very durable TAURUS lockers are easy to keep clean, and are custom-made without additional charge. See below for more detailed information, and contact us for a quotation. HPL lockers by ALSANIT are the perfect choice.

body height: 1800/1500mm
vertical width:  300/400mm
depth:  490mm

* standard dimensions can be modified as required by the customer

The body height must be increased by the feet/base height of 100 mm or bench height of 400 mm.

The following are the possible versions of feet or benches.
Bez tytułu

The lockers are shipped assembled with the feet/bases/benches and locks to be fitted by the customer.

• resistance to mechanical damage and scratches,
• hinges not visible from the outside,
• waterproof and easy to keep clean,
• custom-made without additional charge,
• wide range of colours,
• optional veneering, engraving or numbering,
• option to equip with any lock or integrate with the electronic customer service system,

HPL boards made with SANITISED technology have anti-bacterial properties.



System available for plates

HPL 4mm 10mm 10/12mm
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