Products ready for the needs of every project

With our technological potential and the knowledge of materials, we can provide a wide range of solutions suitable for any project.

See below our range of comprehensive equipment for facilities according to their function. Based on our experience, we select the best matching products for each type of facility. In this way we can also show how comprehensively you can use our product range, to replace several suppliers with a single one, ALSANIT.

Testing solutions

To ensure the high quality of such systems, we test our designs and production, all to ensure our warranty is a real declaration. Our products have the necessary approvals and certificates.

Thinking about the users

The best solutions result from the analysis of the customers’ needs and observations of how they interact with the solutions we deliver. For us every project is a source of knowledge and set of conclusions for the future. On this basis, we keep improving and extending our product range, because we know that human beings are the most significant element of our industry.

For schools and pre-schools

The ALSANIT product range allows project owners to create safe, hygienic and aesthetic toilet spaces in schools and pre-schools. The advantages of using our solutions will be appreciated especially by the youngest users of school and pre-school rooms. We offer comprehensive equipment for schools and pre-schools, with...

Swimming pools

The ALSANIT product range includes not only swimming pool lockers, but also other changing room and swimming pool equipment, such as swimming pool changing cubicles, toilet cubicles and vanities. Comprehensive equipment of swimming pools and amusement parks to create safe toilet areas as part of a cohesive interior...

For fitness clubs and sports facilities

Comprehensive equipment of sports facilities Our range of fitness club and sports facilities changing room equipment is strongly focused on the individual needs of the customer. We approach every order individually and can also help in the design, such as by preparing 3D visualisations and interior designs. In...

For hotels

Choosing ALSANIT ensures the convenience of sourcing all the required hotel changing room and washroom equipment from one company. Our extensive product range includes lockers for hotels and hotel toilet cubicles, vanities and shower and urinal partitions. The hotel equipment we offer is characterised not only by...

For companies and industry

Properly designed products are not only durable, but also aesthetic, which finds confirmation in the INDUSTRIAL style. ALSANIT products match this style perfectly, and the extensive product range enables complete equipment for company washrooms and worker changing rooms. ALSANIT worker lockers intended for...

Office equipment

Modern office spaces require equally modern products. ALSANIT has delivered equipment to office sites for years. We observe how trends develop and adjust our product range accordingly. ALSANIT office lockers find many applications as traditional records lockers, clothing lockers and state-of-the-art storage lockers....
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