Sports and industrial changing cubicles

Changing cubicles are obligatory equipment for the hygienic and toilet infrastructures of swimming pools, baths, gym, fitness clubs and other sports facilities that require a change of clothes.

The sports, swimming pool and worker changing cubicles manufactured by Alsanit must necessarily meet the requirements of the Chief Sanitary Inspector on the components used and especially the base materials, which cannot absorb water.

Changing cubicles at swimming pools and sports facilities

Wall or pass-through changing cubicles, in particular for sports centres and swimming pools, should have specific features that guarantee not only their functionality and privacy, but also safety. At Alsanit, we design and assemble changing cubicles which meet the requirements of the Chief Sanitary Inspector, so the material used to manufacture the cubicles cannot absorb water or moisture, its surface should be easy to clean and resistant to detergents, self-closing doors must be equipped with a lock and the entirety should be placed on aluminium feet to enable easy washing of the floor.

These components warrant the safe use of pass-through changing cubicles, at sports facilities and workplaces. At Alsanit, we design them to achieve full functionality, convenience and privacy.

Wall changing cubicles

Comfortable solutions.

System available for plates

18mm 10mm
28mm 12mm

Pass-through swimming pool changing rooms

Functionality and ergonomics.

System available for plates


At Alsanit, we offer the installation of one of two types of sports changing rooms: wall-mounted and transitional. The former will work better in gyms, clubs, sports centers and workplaces. On the other hand, temporary changing rooms are most often found in swimming pools, baths and SPA salons.

Alsanit - wall and transition changing rooms

At Alsanit, we adapt each element of the hygiene and sanitary infrastructure to the place where it is to be ultimately located. For this reason, changing rooms will be different in workplaces, and different in swimming pools or water parks.

  • Wall changing rooms - one row of cubicles mounted on the wall, situated on aluminum legs. It works best in small spaces: employee locker rooms, fitness clubs, sports halls where the number of places is limited.
  • Transition changing rooms - they work especially well in swimming pools and thermal baths or in shopping centers, i.e. in places with high user capacity. Passage pool changing rooms are equipped with two pairs of doors on two sides, leading to small cabins. This type of changing room means that there are no queues in the changing rooms.

Sports changing rooms made of high-quality components

Changing rooms in swimming pools or sports rooms are made of HPL boards, because they are materials that do not absorb moisture, are resistant to damage and detergents, and are easy to clean - which is especially important in such hygienic and sanitary rooms.

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