Pre-school lockers

Lockers for pre-schools must be adjusted to the youngest users and ensure their full safety. Our product range includes nursery school furniture that serves both of these purposes, while being the perfect fitting happy interiors.

Nursery school lockers can store outwear, footwear, clothes to change into and, if necessary, favourite toys or booklets. The selected models are simple to use and properly marked, so that every pre-school pupil or their guardian can quickly find a specific locker. The lockers are not high, but properly installed so that the child can sit comfortably on the bench to change their shoes and feel comfortable.

By default, lockers for pre-school changing rooms are made of melamine faced chipboard (MFC) and are available in rich colours, but it is possible to use very durable and waterproof HPL boards. Usually lockers for pre-schools do not have doors, but a version with doors is available on request. Coloured lockers for pre-schools are custom-made without additional charge.

We encourage you to contact our sales department to earn more. We are sure that in collaboration with our company you can equip your pre-school with functional, safe and eye-pleasing furniture that will encourage the children to learn and play, right from the threshold!


MUSCA lockers are intended for customers who seek aesthetic and inexpensive solutions. The modular design enables the lockers to be modified, even after delivery, which significantly extends their life cycle.

System available for plates

MFC    -    - 18mm
STEEL 0,7mm 0,7mm     -


URSA lockers are about simple elegance inclined towards the Scandinavian style. These very popular chipboard lockers are suitable for use from offices to sports facilities.

System available for plates

MFC 18mm 18mm 18mm
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