T- or F-shaped partitions

HPL built-ins T- or F-shaped partitions

Cubicles with an area for hanging clothes, which provides additional reinforcement and stiffening to the built-up system. Washing facilities with serial shower positions can be equipped with ALSANIT shower cubicles, where the partition and side walls feature additional stiffening. The durability of cubicles is ensured by use of materials that are not only immune to both corrosion and decay.

The narrow wall on the outer side of the cubicle, on request, can be fitted with hooks for hanging towels or clothes. Above the entrance to the cubicle, along the bending line, bars are installed to stabilise the entirety and also to suspend the curtain. Shower cubicles, like all our products, are adjustable in size, colours and functionality to suit the rooms, and installed on adjustable supports.

A very useful dry area can be created by installing an additional narrow wall inside the cubicle, perpendicular to the partition wall. An optional bench is available as well.

total height: 2010mm
floor clearance: 170mm
depth: min. 900mm

* standard dimensions can be modified as required by the customer.

  • aluminiumprofiles are used for wall mounting
  • PCV curtain included
  • aluminium support mounted to HPL board, adjustment range: +/- 20 mm, steel core

Application Benefits

  • high stiffness and durability of cubicle assemblies
  • optional cuts for shower pans
  • solutions to last for many years
  • minimised areas of potential sedimentation during baths

System available for plates

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