Light I-shaped HPL system walls

Shower cubicles manufactured by ALSANIT are made of flexible, light, durable and fully water-resistant materials. System walls are suitable for installation on a properly shaped floor. Budget solutions for workplace washing facilities.

To manufacture shower partitions and shower cubicles, a compact HPL laminate is used. Shower partitions are made of boards with a thickness of 12 and 10 mm, available in many colours. We continue to expand our range of standard colours. HPL boards are connected to one another and to room walls using specially designed aluminium fixtures. Entrances to shower cubicles are covered with curtains.

HPL shower cubicles are custom-made with optional cuts for shower pans or wall steps.

total height: 2010mm
floor clearance: 170mm
depth: min. 900mm

* standard dimensions can be modified as required by the customer.

  • aluminium profiles are used for wall mounting
  • PCV curtain included
  • aluminium support mounted to HPL board, adjustment range: +/- 20 mm, steel core

Application Benefits

  • simple design
  • optional cuts for shower pans
  • low price
  • minimised areas of potential sedimentation during baths

System available for plates

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