Light I-shaped HPL system walls

HPL built-ins Light I-shaped HPL system walls

Shower cubicles manufactured by ALSANIT are made of flexible, light, durable and fully water-resistant materials. System walls are suitable for installation on a properly shaped floor. Budget solutions for workplace washing facilities.

To manufacture shower partitions and shower cubicles, a compact HPL laminate is used. Shower partitions are made of boards with a thickness of 12 and 10 mm, available in many colours. We continue to expand our range of standard colours. HPL boards are connected to one another and to room walls using specially designed aluminium fixtures. Entrances to shower cubicles are covered with curtains.

HPL shower cubicles are custom-made with optional cuts for shower pans or wall steps.

total height: 2010mm
floor clearance: 170mm
depth: min. 900mm

* standard dimensions can be modified as required by the customer.

Application Benefits

  • simple design
  • optional cuts for shower pans
  • low price
  • minimised areas of potential sedimentation during baths
  • aluminium profiles are used for wall mounting
  • PCV curtain included
  • aluminium support mounted to HPL board, adjustment range: +/- 20 mm, steel core

System available for plates


Gypsum Partitions with HPL

High pressure laminate (HPL) modular partitions represent a modern and functional solution for various spaces, such as employee washrooms, public utility facilities, and shower cabins. The use of HPL in partition production ensures not only an aesthetic appearance but also durability and longevity, which are crucial in high-traffic areas. Our gypsum partitions are appreciated for their high resistance to moisture. This makes them ideal for places like washrooms or showers. Additionally, the option to choose dimensions and colors allows for integrating gypsum partitions into any designed interior, serving both practical and decorative purposes.

Their attractive appearance blends perfectly with various arrangements, adding a modern character. Clean lines and smooth surfaces present a minimalist look, translating into the versatility of HPL partitions. We offer a wide range of colors, allowing customization to individual preferences and the decor of a specific interior. This enables creating a coherent and harmonious space regardless of its character.

We offer ready-made bathroom partition walls that, due to their lightweight, pose no problems during installation. This greatly facilitates installation, especially in hard-to-reach places or those requiring quick configuration changes. It also provides greater flexibility in space design. HPL enclosures can be easily rearranged and thus adjusted to changing needs. It's also worth noting that shower cabins made of HPL do not burden the building structure, making them suitable even for older facilities.

Ready-made Bathroom Partition Walls

The durability and resistance to the harmful effects of water are important advantages of our shower cabins. The latter characteristic is crucial in places where partitions are exposed to constant contact with moisture. High-pressure laminate (HPL) used in the production of modular partitions is extremely durable. Its structure, obtained by compressing layers of kraft paper with thermosetting resins under high pressure, provides high resistance to mechanical damage such as scratches, dents, or impacts. Due to their durability, HPL partitions are ideal for high-traffic areas. Their longevity ensures they will serve for many years without the need for frequent replacement or costly repairs.

A shower with a partition made of such material is completely resistant to water, meaning it does not swell under moisture. This allows the partitions to maintain their shape and functionality even in challenging conditions. Furthermore, water resistance significantly facilitates keeping the partitions clean. They do not absorb moisture, preventing the growth of mold and bacteria, thereby increasing hygiene in places of use. Therefore, they are also ideal for toilets.

HPL cabins are custom-made, allowing for a perfect fit to specific needs and specifications of a given interior. The possibility of making cuts for shower trays or wall recesses further increases their functionality. By choosing products from our offer, you can also count on solid connections of WC partition walls. HPL panels are joined together and attached to the room walls using specially designed aluminum profiles. This ensures structural stability, long-term use, and safety. Aluminum profiles guarantee that the connections between individual elements of the partitions will be durable and resistant to loads. This means the entire structure will withstand even intensive use. We encourage you to explore our full range - you can find everything you need for locker rooms or other sanitary spaces.

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