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Washroom cubicles Cowboy doors

The experience acquired over the years of working closely with educational establishments has enabled us to develop a state-of-the-art washroom cubicle system intended especially for the demanding users that children are.

In toilet cubicles for pre-schools we pay special especial attention to the safety of children. We developed the unique SAFE FINGERS solution that consists in placing hinges within round aluminium profiles to prevent the pinching of fingers between the door leaf and door frame.

In addition, we designed a self-closing mechanism without a spring that could strike the child with force after tensioning. Our solutions are submitted to the Patent Office and manufactured exclusively by ALSANIT in Poland.

Narrow doors suspended on swing hinges are a perfect solution for pre-schools, because the doors are opened with a slight push in both directions, which facilitates children in using the toilet on their own. Soft close doors have no spring hinges, which prevents strong impacts.

All materials used to manufacture pre-school cubicles meet the safety requirements and have the necessary hygiene approvals.

height: 1500mm
floor clearance: 170mm
depth: min. 1150mm

* the standard dimensions can be modified according to needs

Fittings of the SWING AQUARI system are designed and manufactured by z ALSANIT.

the patented SAFE FINGERS solution, available exclusively at ALSANIT,
• light design,
• aesthetic workmanship and many colour versions available,
• advantageous price,
• option to design door shape, veneer or apply graphics,


HPL boards are made with SANITISED technology have anti-bacterial properties.


System available for plates

18mm 10mm       -
   - 12mm       -
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