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COMBO Lockers: A Patented Modular Locker System

The COMBO lockers are a patented system of modular lockers, which we believe is the best solution in the world. The modular construction of metal bodies allows for unlimited arrangement possibilities, while doors made of durable materials significantly enhance their longevity.

The modularity of the metal bodies allows for a wide range of applications. It involves the ability to customize the locker body according to needs even after delivery to the destination. Changes can include both the equipment inside the locker as well as changes in the direction of the doors, their size, and even the material from which they are made.

Our metal wardrobe lockers with doors made of HPL, LPW, or toughened glass are an alternative to metal lockers. COMBO lockers are much more durable than traditional metal lockers and also allow for a more attractive arrangement of dressing rooms.

The locker doors, which are the most exposed to wear and tear, are made of highly durable materials. Additionally, HPL and LPW panels are also available in natural decors and structures. Lacquered toughened glass doors are available in a variety of colors. Tempering ensures safety as the doors become hard and resistant to damage, and even if broken, they break into crystals without sharp edges.

The bodies of the wardrobe lockers are made of galvanized steel powder-coated in a rich RAL color palette. The use of highly durable metal bodies strikes a balance between price, elegance, and durability and allows for complete flexibility in dressing room layout, depending on the dimensions of the room and the design.

The COMBO locker series is perfect for wardrobe and school lockers, as well as deposit lockers or office lockers, in short, they have potential for implementing any ideas.

We make every effort to ensure that every customer is satisfied with their purchase, and the selected wardrobe lockers serve for many years.


body height: 1800/1500mm
vertical width:  300/400mm
depth:  490mm

To the height of the body, add the height of the legs/base 100 mm or bench 400 mm.

Below are the possible variants of leg or bench construction.

The cabinets are shipped assembled, with legs/bases/benches and locks remaining for the customer to install.

MODULAR CONSTRUCTION OF THE BODY allows for equipment changes and cabinet modifications even after delivery.
Solution filed for protection in the Patent Office.

  • Body made of galvanized sheet metal,
  • Resistance of doors to mechanical damage and scratches,
  • Hinges not visible from the outside,
  • Doors made of HPL, LPW or glass,
  • Easy to clean,
  • High quality at an attractive price,
  • Wide range of colors,
  • Possibility of equipping with any lock or integration with ESOK.

System available for plates

HPL    -    - 10/12mm
MFC    -    - 18mm
GLASS    -    - 6mm
GALVANIZED STEEL 0.7mm 0.7mm     -
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