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HPL built-ins System walls

We are pleased to present a new product on the wall cladding market designed by ALSANIT.

TECHNOWALL is a fully original systematic wall cladding designed for quick access to installations located behind it. The product is designed so that access to installations is possible both by sliding out the panel from the system frame and through dedicated opening doors. It is intended for both wet areas - the HPL version, and dry areas - the LPW version. All system components are produced in Poland in our factory.

TECHNOWALL is available in a rich palette of HPL and LPW decors. It can be made with either a visible or invisible panel between the claddings. This allows us to create highly functional walls that also add elegance and conceal the access function to installations.

Our cladding system allows for quick and aesthetic finishing of large surfaces. It is an ideal solution for modern investments, especially office buildings, hotels, schools, and administrative facilities.

For 12 mm thick HPL plates, components standardly have a Bs1d0 fire class.

We invite you to contact us for additional information and offers.

height: max 3000 mm
length: min. 1000mm

TECHNOWALL is a modern solution offered exclusively by ALSANIT.

  • system designed for both dry and wet rooms.
  • access to installations behind the cladding,
  • quick and easy installation,
  • for 12 mm plates, fire class Bs1d0,
  • aesthetic wall finishing that does not require further investments.


System available for plates

18 mm 10/12mm
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