Shower cubicles with doors

HPL built-ins Shower cubicles with doors

With the modification of the shower cubicles by our designers, we have been able to create the most durable and ergonomic HPL shower cubicles.

The designers at ALSANIT have created cubicles where a towel or dry clothes can be hung on the outer side of the doors. The cubicle doors were shortened to improve venting, while ensuring full privacy of the user. The doors are suspended on hinges with a self-closing function and equipped with a lock with occupancy indicator.

Shower cubicles with doors, like all our products, are adjusted to the individual dimensions of the rooms and installed on adjustable feet. Very high durability of the cubicles is obtained by using only materials immune to decay and corrosion.
total height: 2010mm
floor clearance: 188mm
depth: optimum 1200mm

* standard dimensions can be modified as required by the customer.

Application Benefits

  • high stiffness and durability of cubicle assemblies
  • optional cuts for shower pans
  • solutions to last for many years
  • minimised areas of potential sedimentation during baths
  • aluminiumprofiles form the cubicle structure
  • the hinge is made of materials immune to corrosion, and features gravitational self-closing
  • aluminium support mounted to board, adjustment range: +/- 20 mm, steel core
  • lockpull of aluminium and polyamide, ergonomic solution, emergency opening

System available for plates


Shower Cabins with HPL

High-pressure laminate (HPL) shower cabins boast a variety of benefits that make them a common choice for facilities such as schools, gyms, or various public spaces. Among the most significant advantages are high durability and resistance to damage. Shower cabins made of HPL are highly resistant to abrasion, crushing, impacts, and other mechanical damage. This is crucial in high-traffic areas where such elements are often susceptible to harm. Additionally, the laminate surface is exceptionally durable and resistant to fading and scratches, maintaining an aesthetic appearance for a long time.

Enhanced moisture resistance is also essential. This feature ensures that the material does not swell or rot - even with prolonged contact with water. Moreover, HPL laminate performs well in both high and low temperatures (from -60 to 80°C).

Opting for such shower cabins also ensures easy maintenance. This is because both the doors and fittings have a smooth, non-porous surface, resulting in a more hygienic character. This material is also resistant to the growth of microorganisms, which is important from a hygiene perspective. Our sanitary cabins are available in various colors, allowing them to be matched to many interiors. At the same time, the overall design stands out for its modern and minimalist style, which is considered very versatile. It's also worth noting that HPL laminates are recognized as environmentally friendly and safe for health, which is important in the context of sustainable development and environmental care. Our comprehensive offer also includes other HPL locker room furniture (including premium products), allowing you to obtain all the items in one place.

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