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In hygienic and sanitary rooms, privacy is very important, which affects the comfort of using toilets in public places. HPL or LPW urinal partitions are important for comfortable and intimate use of urinals. Alsanit offers functional and lightweight urinal screens that are perfect for men's public toilets. They are attached to the wall at a certain height, thus ensuring privacy when using the urinal.

Coherent concept of hygiene and sanitary facilities

At Alsanit, we deal with the overall design of toilets - including urinal walls, therefore we create a coherent visual concept that will match the overall design of a given space, especially system cabins.

We use the same components as for the construction of toilet cubicles, so urinal partitions are made of HPL or LPW boards, which are durable and resistant to mechanical damage. HPL boards are waterproof and LPW are moisture-resistant. Urinal walls made of these materials are also easy to clean and resistant to detergents. They are also light, so there is no fear that the wall will not bear the weight of the screen and will fall off it after some time.

At Alsanit, we design urinal partitions and install them at their destination. We offer attractive prices for walls that should be found in every men's toilet. Contact us to select the best design of infrastructure elements in hygienic and sanitary rooms.


Suspended version

total height: 900mm
floor clearance: 450mm
depth: 400mm

* standard dimensions can be modified as required by the customer

System available for plates

18mm 10mm     -
28mm 12mm     -
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