Clothing lockers VELA

What sets the VELA locker line apart from ALSANIT's clothing lockers?

The metal locker line has been designed to meet the expectations of investors with even modest budgets. Therefore, VELA lockers are an excellent solution for those who expect lockers with doors made of metal, HPL, or laminated chipboard. Such a wide choice of door materials allows for unique arrangement of any space.

Occupational health and safety lockers are tailored to the requirements of users in many different types of facilities, so one model can have many applications. Budget lockers for changing rooms can be installed in places such as:

  • Educational institutions - schools, kindergartens, cultural centers;
  • Workplaces - industrial and manufacturing plants, offices;
  • Medical facilities;
  • Uniformed services headquarters;
  • Sports facilities - gyms, clubs, ice rinks, ski resorts, stadiums, sports halls;
  • Stores - deposit points in supermarkets and shopping malls;
  • Baggage storage - at stations;
  • Government offices.

Construction and Interior of ALSANIT's Metal Lockers

VELA lockers are characterized primarily by simple construction. For the designers of this model, the most important thing was to create inexpensive but durable lockers that would fulfill all the basic functions of a clothing locker. Our lockers stand out thanks to the use of GALVANIZED STEEL for the body - this ensures the highest quality, combined with metal, HPL, or LPW doors, guaranteeing comfort of use for many years.

The market for budget metal lockers is very competitive, but the effect of our work is visible to the naked eye - lockers from ALSANIT are the best solution among metal clothing lockers - that's why we offer a 7-year warranty on them.

In addition to the materials used to build the lockers, their equipment is also extremely important. We enrich our lockers with very durable shelves, rods with hooks, and vertical partitions to ensure the highest level of user convenience.

body height: 1500/1800mm
vertical width: 300/400mm
depth: 490mm

Below, we present possible variants for the execution of legs or benches.
Bez tytułu

The lockers sent are pre-assembled, with legs/bases/benches and locks remaining to be installed by the customer.

The simple yet durable construction of VELA lockers is the perfect combination of quality and price.

  • The body and optionally reinforced doors are made of galvanized sheet metal,
  • 100% waterproof doors made of HPL,
  • wide range of colors for LPW doors,
  • highest quality accessories produced by ALSANIT,
  • hinges invisible from the outside,
  • easy to clean,
  • high quality at an attractive price,
  • possibility of equipping with any Euro-Lock lock.

7-year warranty

System available for plates

GALVANIZED STEEL 0,7 mm 0,7 mm 0,7 mm
HPL    -    - 10 mm
MFC    -    - 18 mm


Equipment of VELA Metal Lockers

VELA metal lockers can be equipped with various Euro-Locks depending on the investor's preferences. Additionally, each locker has built-in ventilation holes, which are very useful when storing clothing and footwear. Thanks to air circulation, moisture is removed, and unpleasant odors are minimized.

Our metal lockers can have different body dimensions. We can place them directly on the floor, on bases, or benches. Optionally, lockers can be equipped with slanted roofs and side covers to ensure the best ergonomics of use.

Even if you are still unsure, feel free to contact us - together we will surely match the lockers to your requirements, the needs of future users, and the available budget.

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