Washroom cubicles for schools

Equipment of school toilets

Toilet cubicles for schools form ergonomic and economical built-ins, designed for all users, younger and older. We focus on a wide range of functional and durable washroom cubicles, used by dozens or hundreds of children every day at school. The systems must be resistant to all kinds of damage, easy to clean and stay looking good, essentially retaining their functionality and appearance for many years.

We approach our activities in an individual and comprehensive manner, offering both washroom cubicles for schools and urinal partitions for boys’ and men’s toilets. We aim to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions for school washroom equipment. Cubicles for school toilets are some of the most important components that ensure user comfort and privacy.

Our recommended washroom cubicle system

Our product range includes several systems that are suitable for educational establishments, although we honestly recommend ERIDANI cubicles as the best choice of washroom cubicle for schools. The ERIDANI system and the special aluminium profiles it uses reinforce every edge to ensure resistance to moisture. They also guarantee no deformations during use. School toilet cubicles do not necessarily have to be made of HPL, and the ERIDANI system is a great example, as it has a strength analogical to HPL in a less expensive alternative. This makes it the most popular system for school washrooms. We have already manufactured 20,000 cubicles using this system.

The cost of a washroom cubicle set for schools is determined by the dimensions and the number of doors, which we can establish based ion the supplied room projection. Where can I buy toilet cubicles for schools — we manufacture them at ALSANIT and deliver them nationwide. They can be installed by the customer or the ALSANIT team. We encourage you to contact us and see our product range.


SOLARI washroom cubicles combine durability, the aesthetics of aluminium-polyamide fittings and the best pricing. Due to the comprehensive application opportunities, this is the most purchased toilet cubicle system, suitable for MFC, HPL and SANDWICH boards. The system walls are characterised by a minimalistic appearance, high-quality workmanship and a wide range of colours for the cubicles.

System available for plates

18mm 10mm 36mm
28mm 12mm 40mm


Innovation in the washroom cubicles market is possible, which is proved by AQUARI toilet cubicles with the safe fingers system and classic elegant style based on simple lines. The unique features of the product include aluminium fittings, maintenance-free use and anti-vandal solutions.

System available for plates

18mm 10mm       -
   - 12mm       -
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