Clothing lockers

Clothing lockers should be a purchase to last for many years, so they must be characterised by adequate durability, functionality, as well as elegance. The lockers offered by ALSANIT are all products that meet all these criteria. We have the most extensive material range for changing rooms and safety deposit lockers, in addition we can configure and adjust them to the needs of the project owners. The clothing lockers in our product range are available with several types of benching or on feet, and they can be equipped with any type of lock or with graphics specially designed for the customer.

The lockers in our range are delivered ready assembled and for use that only need to be placed, levelled and equipped with locks.

ALSANIT, a manufacturer of clothing lockers with the most extensive material range

HPL lockers, despite being initially used as swimming pool lockers, are perfect for other projects as well. Due to their exceptional durability, water resistance and also aesthetics, HPL clothing lockers are perfect for workplaces, healthcare facilities and sports facilities.

For equipping rooms without excessive air humidity, but also when cost-effective solutions are essential, our product range includes lockers made of melamine faced chipboard (MFC). MFC boards are available in many finishes, including HIGH GLOSS. This solution enables making very interesting interior designs at low prices, which is essential when opening new facilities. Clothing lockers made of chipboard are perfect for gyms, fitness clubs and other sport facility changing rooms.

Innovations power our growth. Due to our investment in state-of-the-art processing line, we can also provide unique and patented modular lockers, in which the bodies are made of galvanised powder-coated steel while the doors, the key locker component, can be made of HPL boards, MFC boards, glass or metal.

Innovative solutions for clothing lockers

Our metal clothing lockers are modular items of furniture, which enable any interior configuration, even after delivery to the customer. This enables changing how the locker interior is equipped, the door material and direction, and even the safe deposit box division. As the manufacturer of these systems, we are happy that with this state-of-the-art approach, which not only enables the customer to cost-effectively adjust the clothing lockers during project development, but also make our clothing lockers eco-friendly, because we increase their life cycle significantly. .

Thanks to the use of inexpensive and durable metal bodies, and the option to use different fronts, we achieve a perfect combination of price, elegance and durability, which enables full flexibility in the design of the locker spaces. In this version it is possible to use a bench that is storable under the locker body, which is especially helpful when the space available to the customer is limited. This locker structure can be used without restrictions in offices, schools and hotels.

Regardless of the chosen system, we guarantee full project support and high-quality workmanship.


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The application of HPL in clothing lockers is a true revolution. TAURUS lockers are fully made of HPL, and are very durable, easy to maintain and custom-made without additional charge.

System available for plates

HPL 4mm 10mm 10/12mm


LUXA lockers are about simple elegance inclined towards the Scandinavian style. These very popular chipboard lockers are suitable for use from offices to sports facilities.

System available for plates

MFC 18mm 18mm 18mm


The VELA line offers affordable lockers made of metal with the option to choose metal, HPL, or LPW doors. These are versatile furniture pieces designed for safe storage of belongings in schools, workplaces, or sports facilities.

System available for plates

GALVANIZED STEEL 0,7 mm 0,7 mm 0,7 mm
HPL    -    - 10 mm
MFC    -    - 18 mm



COMBO lockers are a patented system of modular lockers, which we believe is the best solution in the world. The modular construction of metal bodies allows for unlimited arrangement possibilities, while doors made of durable materials significantly enhance durability and appearance.

System available for plates

HPL    -    - 10/12mm
MFC    -    - 18mm
GLASS    -    - 6mm
GALVANIZED STEEL 0.7mm 0.7mm     -


Cabinets with HPL, whose construction is based on a patented system of aluminum profiles. They provide strength and durability for many years, maintaining a modern look and functionality.

System available for plates

HPL 4mm 10mm 10/12mm

Benches PRO-FI

Budget solution, 100% waterproof.

Benches LO-FI

Metal bench with an elegant seat.

Deposit locks

Deposit locks, coin operated.

Code locks

Mechanical code locks.

Electronic lock

Electronic offline locks that can operate within Access Constrol systems or independently.

Clothing lockers

Clothing lockers are used in worker’s changing rooms, sports facilities and other institutions where storing everyday clothing is required. It should be remembered that in some workplaces a locker is even obligatory. This requirement is legally required by the Occupational Health and Safety and Regulation of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy on general occupational health and safety.

ALSANIT — in compliance with the legal regulations

Clothing lockers must be characterised by durability and sufficient protection to secure the private belongings of sports facility users or workers. These lockers are suitable for changing rooms and toilet rooms. For these kinds of spaces, at ALSANIT we manufacture lockers in compliance with the regulations and the user’s needs.

Clothing lockers enable greater aesthetic interior design of changing rooms at sports facilities, gyms and workplaces.The wide adjustment options of the lockers made of HPL, MFC or metal sheets enable the adjustment of the space for improved functionality and aesthetics.. In addition, OHS lockers made of these materials are resistant to mechanical damage, scratches and the adverse impact of moisture (an essential feature for changing rooms at sports facilities, such as swimming pools). In addition, the lockers designed and installed by ALSANIT are equipped with vents that contribute to vital air circulation.

In addition, it should be remembered that the employer is required to provide their employees with staff lockers, either when required by the specifics of their profession or the need to change everyday clothing for work clothing (uniforms, overalls, aprons etc.). Most often these are necessary for those in the rescue and other uniformed services, as well as those working at industrial and manufacturing sites, requiring a change of outwear. The employer has to make available rooms with lockers, with an adequate number of compartments for the convenient storage of work clothing and footwear. These lockers are necessary for workers that are particularly exposed to soiling or contamination of clothing with irritants and other harmful substances. The requirement for these lockers in changing rooms is specified by the OHS regulations.

Clothing lockers for workers — robust workmanship

ALSANIT designs and manufactures clothing lockers for many companies, institutions and sports facilities. We provide our customers with the best solutions and emphasise the importance of legal and OHS regulations.While remaining in compliance with them we create superb changing room lockers for workers, athletes or the customers of gyms. We always select the best materials and components to suit the final appearance of the lockers — built-in base or feet, for rectangular or L-shaped lockers. We adjust benches or stools that are made of durable components that do not absorb moisture and are easy to clean.

A workers’ changing room can be equipped with OHS lockers made of:

  • HPL boards, MFC boards, galvanised steel sheets, hybrid components or combinations of the above materials.

The use of a given material is determined by the requirements of the room, the customer and the financial conditions. Importantly, regardless of the selected components, we believe every locker must be resistant to mechanical damage and the adverse impacts of moisture, yet being characterised by aesthetic workmanship. Thus our clothing lockers are used in sports changing rooms, workplaces and the various facilities of the rescue and medical services.

For customers who do not want their investment in changing room lockers to be too cost consuming, we recommend MFC board or metal lockers. MFC lockers are also available in High Gloss aesthetic patterns, meaning that their structure is smooth and glossy. In this way the lower price has no impact on the final appearance of the metal or MFC board lockers, because they may have different colours or even prints.

HPL board lockers are better for sports facility and gym changing rooms, as the high humidity requires a type of locker with high resistance to such conditions due to the manufacturing method

At ALSANIT we also offer a hybrid option, which involves a combination of metal locker with HPL board. In addition, these solutions can be freely modified or expanded, and, for example, the fronts can be replaced due to damage or the need for design changes. Every locker features vents that ensure proper air circulation inside.

Clothing lockers for toilet and changing rooms by ALSANIT

With many years on the market, we have very good understanding of the current trends and legal requirements, so that we can offer the best solutions for our customers in a given area. We advise on the selection of components, optimal system (Taurus, Canis, Musca, Lacerta, Ursa, Junior), locker interior and essential equipment, as well as the overall layout for the given area. Contact us, and together we can choose the best clothing lockers for the workplace or sports changing room.

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