Tables in various shapes and bases.

Tables available in various forms and colors are the ideal solution for any interior. Made from durable and waterproof materials, they ensure unparalleled strength and ease of maintenance. With the option to choose between wooden and metal legs, they can be perfectly tailored to individual preferences and room style.

Benefits of using our tables:

Versatility: They are perfect for offices, fitness clubs, and other commercial spaces.

Durability: Made from high-quality materials, resistant to water and damage, ensuring long-lasting use.

Aesthetics: A wide range of colors and shapes allows the table to match any interior style.

Customization: The ability to choose between elegant wooden legs and modern metal ones provides flexibility in design.

Ease of maintenance: The smooth surface of the HPL tabletop is easy to clean, ensuring hygiene in high-traffic areas is not a problem.

By choosing our tables, you gain confidence that the furnished interior will be both functional and stylish, regardless of its purpose.


Classic in a modern edition


Aesthetic and simple form


A distinctive shape that will impress everyone


Wide range of arrangement possibilities


A unique accent in every space


Perfect for both classic and contemporary settings

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