Deposit locks

Locks for lockers Deposit locks

Deposit locks can return coins or store them in a special container. The coin operated locks can be operated in EUR or other currencies. In case of emergency locks can be opened with the MASTER key.

Waterproofness - prepared to work in all conditions.

Focusing primarily on quality, we decided that all the locks we offer should be adapted to use in wet areas. In this way, we ensure safe use of the locks even in heavy duty conditions.

Interchangeability - replace the locks, not the doors.

The models of locks we offer can be changed at any time, on the basis of changing from a lower model to a higher one. In this way, the locker can be modernized without the need for costly replacement of the doors. When replacing for the deposit locks or electronic locks, it will be necessary to make additional holes in doors.

Availability - don't waste time waiting.

A strong element of our offer is the availability of locks on the ALSANIT warehouse, which significantly reduces the time needed to implement the project. For projects with deposit locks or combination locks with more than 200 parcels, please contact us to confirm availability. For electronic locks, please contact us about availability for projects with more than 500 parcels.

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