Receptions VARTA

Lofty elegance embodied in the VARTA reception

The VARTA reception is the definition of modern design, combining raw elegance with functionality. Made of laminated chipboard, combined with unique accents of metal mesh, it gives interiors a unique, industrial character.

This reception model is not only about aesthetics but also unparalleled functionality. Its thoughtful design ensures user comfort while adding prestige and exceptional style to the interior. It is the perfect choice for those who appreciate unique solutions and the highest quality craftsmanship. VARTA is a symbol of modernity that will transform any interior, giving it a unique, loft-like character.

Characteristics of the VARTA Reception:

  • Stable construction
  • Wide range of colors of laminated chipboard
  • Industrial metal mesh
total module height 1128mm
module depth 778mm
module width 1088mm

Application Benefits

  • industrial character
  • modern solution
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