Receptions SONA

Reception SONA - modern design, durability, and versatility

It is the perfect choice for contemporary offices, combining elegance with functionality. Made from HPL panels, it guarantees exceptional durability and water resistance, making it ideal for heavy use. The rounded shapes, free from sharp edges, give it a modern and stylish appearance. This design introduces softness and harmony into the interior, creating a friendly working atmosphere.

The HPL panel ensures high resistance to damage and moisture, guaranteeing long-lasting quality and an aesthetic look. It is a solid investment in durability and functionality. The SONA reception offers the possibility to choose from various patterns and material textures, allowing for customization to unique interior designs. This flexibility means the furniture can be perfectly integrated with any style, from minimalist to more sophisticated.

Features of the SONA Reception:

  • stylish design
  • water resistance
  • variety of patterns and material textures
total height  960mm
depth 593mm
width 1786mm

Application Benefits

  • modern solution
  • professionalism and elegance
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