Clothing lockers Musca

The clothing locker version with metal body and MFC door are intended for the customers who seek aesthetic and inexpensive solutions.

The melamine faced chipboard (MFC) used for doors is available with an extensive choice of patterns and textures. Edges finished with ABS tape can be contrasted with patterns to emphasise the character of lockers.

Durable metal bodies are easy to keep clean and were designed to ensure the highest ergonomics. The modular design enables lockers to be modified even after delivery, which significantly extends their life cycle. With the modular design, lockers can be equipped with shelves or bars, with a possibility to change the lock or even the door opening direction.

METAL + MFC clothing lockers are created together with the customer. Based on many years of experience, we deliver what is best in the form of clothing lockers.

We make every effort for every customer to be happy with their purchase, so they have clothing lockers that will serve them for many years.

See what we offer, and contact our sales department.

body height: 1800/1500mm
vertical width:  300/400mm
depth:  490mm

The body height must be increased by the feet/base height of 100 mm or bench height of 400 mm.

The following are the possible versions of feet or benches.
Bez tytułu

The lockers are shipped assembled with the feet/bases/benches and locks to be fitted by the customer.

THE MODULAR DESIGN OF THE BODY enables changes to the equipment and modification of the lockers, even after delivery.
Solution submitted for Patent Office protection.

  • body made of galvanised sheet metal,,
  • hinges not visible from the outside with the soft close function,
  • extensive range of patterns and MFC board textures,
  • fronts available in HIGH GLOSS,
  • easy to keep clean,
  • good price
  • option to equip with any lock or integrate with the electronic customer service system.

System available for plates

MFC    -    - 18mm
STEEL 0,7mm 0,7mm     -
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