We develop protecting the environment


ALSANIT is an environmentally-aware company. We do not only care for the space around the site to be “green”, but also select eco-friendly materials at every stage of the design and manufacture.

The materials we use have environmental certificates, for example FSC, PEFC and GREENGUARD. In addition, due to the implementation of state-of-the-art solutions, our machines feature low power consumption and reduced emissions. Moreover, by using local suppliers of intermediate products and the manufacture of own fittings, we reduce our carbon footprint.

We are continuously expanding our knowledge on eco-design, and try to pass it on to our customers. In future, we are planning to implement photovoltaic solutions to reduce our emissions even further.

Sustainable management and careful use of resources are obvious to us.


From the beginning, ALSANIT has operated following the RECYCLE, REUSE, REDUCE rule.

  • REUSE – All our operations are aiming at maximum use of the materials generated during the manufacture and cutting of our products. We use the items remaining from board processing, for example, to make product transport pallets, so we can help save and care about the environment. In addition, intensive works are conducted to use undersize boards for the manufacture of ready components, for example partition walls.

  • RECYCLE -   Since we avoid wasting potentially useful materials and reduce the consumption of available raw materials, we significantly reduce our power consumption, air pollution and water pollution. If the post-production waste cannot be used, it is sorted and delivered to specialised companies for disposal.

  • REDUCE - The policy of company is strongly focused on saving materials, which in the long run also reduces the emission of greenhouse gases. Alsanit prioritises the eco-friendly and sustainable design of products and the innovativeness of the solutions in use. For example, METAL+ lockers are based on a modular body design and can be supplemented with additions or re-configured even after delivery to the customer. This way, we significantly extend the product life cycle and really reduce waste. This is what we think real eco-friendliness should look like.

Certified suppliers

FSC certificate

FSC - the Forest Stewardship Council, is a non-profit organisation which aims to ensure that the entire supply chain related to the wood industry meets high standards of environmental protection, equal treatment of workers and responsible use of forest resources.

It is due to such bottom-up initiatives that forests are protected and the wood industry, which is often associated with very negative impact on the environment or sometimes even over-exploitation, can be transformed to operate in a manner that ensures conservation of forest resources and unique ecosystems. The strength of FSC is that the certificate is awarded only if all entities in the supply chain also have it and observe the highest environmental standards.

FSC mini

ALSANIT only purchases wood-like products from FSC-certified suppliers.


PEFC certificate

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC) is an organisation that aims to promote sustainable forest management. PEFC is a non-profit organisation of which the solutions are used in more than 39 countries and their certification systems. The strength of PEFC are independent experts, who advise state organisations on how to manage forests and wood-based production. The objective of PEFC is to create a wood resource management system to ensure preservation of forest areas for the next generations.



The suppliers of MFC and HPL board products used by ALSANIT are PEFC-certified.


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