Metal clothing lockerswith glass doors METAL+ are intended for interiors in which elegance matters more than vividness.

LACERTA lockers are unique in character, perfect as a complement to exclusive interiors. The use of glass doors creates a marvellous effect.

The bodies of premium lockers are made of lacquered galvanised steel. They are both light and modern. With the modular design of metal bodies, it is easy to manage the inside by adding equipment even after delivery.

Locker doors are made of tempered glass, varnished in the selected colour. Tempering ensures safety because the doors become hard and resistant to damage, and even if they break then it is into crystals without sharp edges.

We know the devil is in the detail, so all metal components of locker finish are rolled in our CNC centres. The wood used for bench seats is high quality. Premium clothing lockers are refined in every aspect.

In this version, it is possible to use a bench storable under the locker body, which is essential when the space available to the customer is limited.

body height: 1800/1500mm
vertical width:  300/400mm
depth:  490mm

The body height must be increased by the feet/base height of 100 mm or bench height of 400 mm.

The following are the possible versions of feet or benches.
Bez tytułu

The lockers are shipped assembled with the feet/bases/benches and locks to be fitted by the customer.

THE MODULAR DESIGN OF THE BODY enables changes to the equipment and modification of the lockers, even after delivery.
Solution submitted for Patent Office protection.

  • body made of galvanised sheet metal,
  • Refined details, aluminium finish, 
  • Wood bench seats,
  • Wide range of RAL colours of doors

System available for plates

GLASS    -    - 6/10mm
STEEL 0,7mm 0,7mm     -
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