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Cubicles with doors


Cubicles with doors characteristics:   

aluminium profiles form the structure of cubicles,
hinge made of aluminium with self-closing and steel rod,
support made of aluminium, adjustment range +/- 20 mm, steel rod,
bolt-handle made of aluminium and nylon, ergonomic design, emergency opening.




Single or double doors ensure the user’s full comfort. Shower cubicles with doors are designed for the most demanding customers. The doors are mounted on self-closing hinges and have a bolt with occupation indicator. We can obtain a very useful dry area by installing an additional narrow wall inside the cubicle, at right angles to the partition, and by assembling a curtain on its extension.
10 and 12mm thick HPL boards are used for manufacturing our cubicles. Thanks to the decorative coating of the boards’ surface as well as anodized or varnished system profiles and accessories used for joining the elements, our cubicles become the interior’s decorative element.
Shower cubicles with doors, as well as all our products, are adapted to the interiors and can be mounted on regulated pedestal legs or directly on shower trays. System silicone seals are assembled on the bottom of edge walls in order to prevent the water from leaking out of the cubicle (for example into the hall). Thanks to corrosion and decay resistant materials used, we ensure very high durability of our products.
ATTENTION: In order to avoid the distortion of products manufactured from HPL (especially doors), it is advisable to ensure the same level of humidity on both sides of the board and avoid direct blow of dry air into the external surface of cubicles. When you follow this rule, HPL cubicles will be a reliable solution for years.



total height                                  2010mm
support height                              170mm
depth                                   min. 1200mm

*standard dimensions can be modified according to clients needs.


Cubicles with doors are characterized by:

stiff walls,
durability for years,
possibility of making the cuts for shower trays
highest functionality perfectly adapted to the interior
number of places of potential dirt buildup reduced to minimum




High pressure laminate (HPL) is composed of cellulose fibers impregnated with phenolic resin and compressed under high pressure. Its top layer is constituted by a decorative melamine resin coating in a wide range of colors.


Colours on stock:
Standard colours (lower prices):



 Board colors may differ from the actual ones depending on the parameters and settings of the screen