Lalande System


LALANDE system characteristics:    

•custom made solutions and adjustment to clients needs, mix of different fittings,
lift effect of floating cubicles,
•shadow gap
design look side walls aluminium profiles,
print on boards or painting of fittings.



Adapted to problematic technical specification guidelines and satisfying individual needs.

LALANDE is a combination which gives the possibility of adapting the system to individual requirements. In this way, the cubicles perfectly match their interiors. The system is also helpful in realizing problematic technical specification guidelines, as it allows to combine different shapes and colors of aluminum profiles with freely chosen accessories and boards.

You can freely combine:
- aluminum fittings,
- stainless steel fittings,
- plastic fittings,
- type of boards used together with the finishing of their edges.

LALANDE system is designed for those Customers who search for unconventional solutions and want to give their interiors a unique style, difficult to be copied by others. Your imagination is here the only limit.


Product manufactured according to client guidelines.


Advantages of LALANDE system:

•allows to accomplish even the most difficult projects,
•possibility to mix different fittings and boards.




Chipboard is composed of wood chips compressed in high temperature and pressure together with a binding agent. Its top layer is constituted by a decorative melamine resin coating in a wide range of colors, which does not require further processing. 

Colours on stock:
Standard colours (lower prices)



Unstandard colours (higher prices):



High pressure laminate (HPL) is composed of cellulose fibers impregnated with phenolic resin and compressed under high pressure. Its top layer is constituted by a decorative melamine resin coating in a wide range of colors.


Colours on stock:
Standard colours (lower prices):



 Board colors may differ from the actual ones depending on the parameters and settings of the screen