Designed for education facilities, perfect whenever a durable product at reasonable price is necessary.

The ERIDANI system is distinguished by the application of very durable yet economical solutions. It is not true that a compact HPL laminate is always required to create a washroom cubicle. Melamine faced chipboard with a thickness of 18 mm is an equally good material, where the finish is essential.

The ALSANIT approach consists of deep framing all edges of 18 mm boards with aluminium profiles, which results in the high humidity resistance of cubicles. This also makes them more resistant to wear and tear. Specially designed vandal-proof fittings (lockpulls, supports and self-closing hinges) supplement the system and make it irreplaceable.

Washroom cubicles based on the ERIDANI system are very durable, which is confirmed by more than 20,000 cubicles used for many years.


height: 2030mm
floor clearance: 170mm
depth: min. 1150mm

* the standard dimensions can be modified according to needs

Unique product features

The ERIDANI system fittings are designed and manufactured by ALSANIT.

• profiles provide deep framing for every board edge for high resistance to humidity and wear and tear,
• durable fittings of polyamide and aluminium,
• system developed for schools and pre-schools,
• durability for many years - confirmed by 20,000 manufactured cubicles,



System available for plates

18mm    -       -
   -    -       -
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