Sidewall changing areas


Sidewall changing areas characteristics:   

aluminium profiles form the structure of cubicles,
hinge made of aluminium with self-closing and steel rod,
support made of aluminium, adjustment range +/- 20 mm, steel rod,
bolt-handle made of aluminium and nylon, ergonomic design, emergency opening.
•possibility to create an interesting interior design

•wear resistant

cost-effective solutions
indispensable in changing rooms




Sidewall changing areas consist of one or a series of cubicles in the dimensions and configuration stated in the order.

According to the interior where they are installed, cubicles are manufactured from water resistant 12mm thick HPL compact laminate (in wet interiors) or 18mm thick laminated boards for which we have elaborated a very functional system of aluminum profiles.

System profiles deeply frame all board edges, ensuring their permanent connection, significant moisture, wear and vandalism resistance and very aesthetic look.

Thanks to a very wide range of board colors and patterns, we are prepared to construct partitions adapted to the interior’s standard and design.


total height                                  2010mm
support height                              170mm
depth                                   min. 1000mm

*standard dimensions can be modified according to clients needs.


Cubicles with doors are characterized by:

irreplaceable in dressing rooms
durability for years,
the possibility of interesting arrangement
•fail-safe system



Chipboard is composed of wood chips compressed in high temperature and pressure together with a binding agent. Its top layer is constituted by a decorative melamine resin coating in a wide range of colors, which does not require further processing.

Colours on stock:
Standard colours (lower prices)



Unstandard colours (higher prices):



High pressure laminate (HPL) is composed of cellulose fibers impregnated with phenolic resin and compressed under high pressure. Its top layer is constituted by a decorative melamine resin coating in a wide range of colors.


Colours on stock:
Standard colours (lower prices):



 Board colors may differ from the actual ones depending on the parameters and settings of the screen