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Eridani System - school


ERIDANI system characteristics:     

•profiles deep framing of all board edges,
made of aluminium with self-closing and steel rod,
•support made of aluminium, adjustment range +/- 20 mm, steel rod,
•bolt-handle made of aluminium and nylon, ergonomic design, emergency opening.
All ERIDANI system fittings were designed and are produced in Poland by ALSANIT .



While analyzing tender bids, public institutions are obliged to reconcile the durability of equipment offered with the lowest possible price. This is not an easy task, especially in schools, where teenagers very often relieve their energy by destroying objects around them. Nevertheless, in order to anticipate such situations, we designed a unique system for educational premises called “Eridani”.

In Eridani system, WC cubicles are not constructed on the basis of expensive HPL boards, but from significantly cheaper 18mm thick laminated chipboards. The system is distinguished by the fact that all board edges are framed with aluminum profiles to a depth of 20mm. It protects the board edge from absorbing humidity and significantly enhances product’s durability. Cubicle partitions performed in such a way can be, in terms of durability, compared to HPL boards, whereas they are at the same time much cheaper than the second solution.

Thanks to their durability and reasonable price, WC cubicles performed in ERIDANI system are the best solution for schools and kindergartens. Thousands of cubicles used over the years in Poland and abroad are a proof of their quality.


total height                            2030mm
support height                         170mm
depth                             min. 1150mm

*standard dimensions can be modified according to clients needs.


Advantages of ERIDANI system:

•door handle as an option,
•high durability and resistance to vandalism,
•durable aluminium fittings and accessories,
•system developed specially for schools and kindergartens,
•best solution for many years  - proven by over 20 000 ERIDANI cubicles sold worldwide.



Laminated chipboard is composed of wood chips compressed in high temperature and pressure together with a binding agent. Its top layer is constituted by a decorative melamine resin coating in a wide range of colors, which does not require further processing. The ERIDANI system is based on an 18mm thick chipboard.

Decors available on stock:

Standard colors (cheaper ):


Unstandard colors (more expensive):


 Board colors may differ from the actual ones depending on the parameters and settings of the screen