Usually, not much space is needed to perform physiotherapy treatments, that is why using light partitions we can divide a big room into functional boxes. 

Physiotherapy partitions performed in the ALSANIT system, with a standard height of 2m, are light and easy to install. In their production, we use 18mm thick laminated boards and anodized (or powder coated) aluminum profiles. Thanks to such solutions, their surface does not require further finishing and common cleaning agents can be used to keep it clean. Physiotherapy partitions are assembled on brackets with nominal height of 170mm, which facilitates floor cleaning and raises the interior’s hygiene standard.
In the space created using our partitions, we can easily fit a bed as well as all kinds of equipment, ensuring comfortable working conditions for the physiotherapist. Moreover, thanks to the curtain covering the entrance to the cubicle, the patient will benefit from private atmosphere. ALSANIT light partitions can be also used in consulting rooms to separate the changing area dedicated for patients preparing themselves for treatments or examinations.