Research and development



We operate in the sanitary sector for more than a decade. By realizing various orders of our Customers, we found out how important continuous technological development is. To achieve the highest quality of systems realized, we rely on our own solutions:

- extensive line of cubicle fittings,
- aluminum profiles designed by us are based on molds which are our propriety.

As the first company in Poland, we launched the production of cubicles from 18mm thick laminated boards. Our innovative solution – framing of each board edge with a special aluminum profile – resulted in the creation of an extremely durable product available at a very reasonable price.

Thanks to our own warehouse, we can offer our customers the widest range of materials and finishing on the market. We continuously develop and improve our products. We follow the latest trends and adjust the look of finishing details to them, so that our products constitute an aesthetic decoration for every interior.



We care about designer look but do not forget that an appropriate level of durability needs to be ensured. Our products possess the Building Research Institute (ITB) approval as well as all necessary certificates. Nevertheless, we continuously perform our own quality and durability tests of such element as hinges, locks and brackets. That is why all ALSANIT products have at least 3 year guarantee which is and will always be a standard in our company.



ALSANIT is an ecologically aware company. We not only take care of green areas around our plant, but also, at each stage of the design and production process, choose environmental friendly materials. The enterprise follows the rule RECYCLE, REUSE, REDUCE.