cleaning products




Our goal is to fulfill the requirements of our Customers. To achieve it, we have designed our own line of cleaning products. In this way, we are sure that the detergents are safe for our cubicles and, what is even more important, ensure their efficient maintenance. We particularly recommend our A2 product, very helpful in dealing with the “problematic” users of our cubicles.

A1 is a neutral, ready-to-use solution intended for the cleaning and maintenance of ALSANIT products, in particular sanitary cubicles and clothes lockers. It does not leave any smears, it freshens the surface and protects it from dirt. A1 leaves a fresh fruity scent.

A2 is an indispensable ALSANIT product which allows to easily remove the effects of vandalism in public spaces and does not damage the surfaces.

The unique formula of this extra strong remover fights against even the toughest stains, such as:
-old etiquettes and stickers
-remains of dried out glue
-chewing gum
-other tough, water-resistant stains.

In addition, A2 removes stains from such surfaces as glass, ceramics, PVC, plastic and stone.